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Plumbing of Bakersfield

J. Wood's Plumbing

Jeffrey Hazelwood, owner of J. Wood's Plumbing, is a resident of Bakersfield himself and is dedicated to providing high quality plumbing service for the entire city of Bakersfield as well as the surrounding areas. 

J. Wood's Plumbing is a great extension of J. Wood's passion for extraordinary customer service and dedication to satisfaction. We offer services in sewer and drain cleaning, where we go into sewers and scoop up any unwanted gunk and materials that disrupt the flow of sewage. 

We perform a list of other tasks, such as drain cleaning, unclogging toilets, leaky faucets, broken pipes, or any other problem that is occurring in the area. Our plumbers are extraordinary and are dedicated to giving you nothing but extraordinary quality as well as honest service.

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